DDOT’s Eye Street SE Redesign Meeting tomorrow night

Eye St SE

Proposed re-arrangement of lanes

From WashCycle:

I St. SE Redesign Meeting with DDOT – Please attend!
Wednesday, December 14th at 6:30PM at 70 Capitol Yards Lobby
Does I St. between NJ Ave. and S. Capitol St. drive you crazy? Are you frustrated with the unsafe pedestrian crosswalk, double-parked cars in the bike lanes, limited visibility from the garages, broken stop signs, lack of a traffic light, and more? This is your chance to review DDOT’s proposed changes, give specific feedback, and make sure that your concerns are addressed. You walk, bike, and drive this street every day. It’s vital that you attend and be a part of the solution.
A Safer Bike Lane on Eye St. between NJ Ave. & S. Capitol St.
DDOT is proposing switching the location of the bike lane and the parking lane. If you look at the attached drawing, the new sequence would be sidewalk, bike lane, parking lane, driving lanes, parking lane, bike lane, sidewalk.